A vanguard of the next great wave of human migration, enabling multinational collaboration to help launch a sustainable human presence on the Moon and beyond.



To Unite Space Agencies, Space Companies, and Humankind to Build Sustainable Settlements on the Moon, Mars, and Beyond.


Humankind will become a multi-planetary species. We must go with humility, respect and aloha. Only with this spirit will we voyage to and settle on the Moon, Mars and beyond.



The International MoonBase Alliance (IMA) is an association comprised of leading scientists, educators, and entrepreneurs from space agencies and industries worldwide to advance the development and implementation of an international base on the Moon.

Our priority is to create an action plan that will culminate with the building of MoonBase prototypes on Earth, followed by a sustainable settlement on the Moon. Building on discussions and recommendations from the Lunar Exploration and Analysis Group (LEAG), the European Lunar Symposium, the International Space Development Conference, the NewSpace Symposium, the International Astronautical Congress (IAC), and other worldwide space forums, we intend to formulate an integrated strategy for establishing a proposed multinational lunar base.

Towards this goal, the IMA hosted a 2017 summit last October on Hawaiʻi’s Big Island and invited leading aerospace, engineering and space industry professionals for a series of conferences focusing on identifying essential resources and technological capabilities required to enable and sustain lunar-based operations. Through the promotion of international collaborations and public-private partnerships, we can reduce costs, enhance benefits, and accelerate timetables for lunar settlements.